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With so many travel choices on the internet it makes it difficult to know which are really "kid friendly" vacation destinations. Our editors, here at the best family vacations, (all moms and dads) will do the research for you saving you time and money while keeping the content simple, informative, and easy to follow.

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Finding the best family lodging option is important because not every family has the same agenda, destination or budget. We provide alternatives to consider when traveling, no matter where you are headed. For example, a substitute for conventional lodging is renting a vacation home. This avenue can be helpful for those looking for a guaranteed full week or more of vacation time at a low-cost. We recently tried a vacation rental home for the first time and loved it, here's our review including a video tour of our $250 per night vacation rental home.

Our goal is to provide you with all the information and planning necessary to have the best vacation ever and when you return home we want the whole family to say "WOW that was the best vacation ever, can we plan next year's vacation?". Your answer, "Of course", knowing that is here to help you plan everything!

So let's get started planning your family's best vacation!

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